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Working with WaffarX

I. About Us:

WaffarX is Egypt’s first Cash Back provider connecting consumers with ongoing savings via current offers from our growing network of advertiser partners.

Our mission is to create the largest single source of qualified online buyers in the MENA region & Africa by helping advertisers build strong relationships with frequent customers in a risk-free manner that benefits everyone involved.

II. Existence

Since launching in May of 2018, WaffarX has established its online presence in the MENA region and beyond, serving consumers in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, United States, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Our partners enjoy the following benefits:

- No upfront costs

- CPS model, attractive Cashback rewards

- Easy withdrawal methods for local users

- Largely untapped regional user-base of loyal shoppers
- 75% returning users

- Websites serving Egypt, KSA, Kuwait, UAE, and Global in English and Arabic

- Exposure/visibility alongside 170+ merchant partners
- including brands such as: Souq; Jumia; Ebay; Booking; Expedia; GoDaddy; Ali Express
- Flexible ad options, including:
- display banners

- branded content

- social media posts

- homepage placements

- Extra Cash Back

- Targeted email and Cash Back campaigns
- Seasonal/Special promotions

- Custom marketing campaigns
- Enhanced visibility within our mobile app
- Ongoing support
- Helping merchants access and utilize affiliate marketing for increased profitability
- Assisting merchants with WaffarX registration
- Screening merchants’ websites to ensure current best offers are always featured

III. Requirements
- Online merchants only
- Affiliate network member [AdmitAd; Trade Tracker; LinkShare; Commission Junction; DCM]
- 2% minimum commission on confirmed sales  

IV. Contact

If you’re interested in learning more or would like to register as a merchant partner, please click here.