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The top 8 most affordable travel destinations for 2019

Want to travel in 2019 and still save money? We have compiled a list of the best affordable destinations for this year.

Let’s face it, travelling internationally is great, but can also be very expensive. Forget about France or the Maldives, we have the best good-values suggestions that are among the most exciting places to visit this year, all of which you can earn Cash Back via WaffarX.

1. Guatemala

Photo by Jeison Higuita on Unsplash

When thinking of Central America, Costa Rica is generally the first to come to mind as a great holiday destination. But it is also expensive if you compare to its neighbouring countries. Guatemala, on the other hand, offers a great diversity of wonderful sights and activities for a ridiculously cheap price.

From the Mayan temples of Tikkal, the scenic Atitlan Lake, the active volcanoes, or the cascading pools in the jungles at Semuc Champey, Guatemala has so much to offer with its diverse indigenous culture, Maya heritage and call for adventure. Antigua, a colonial gem, is the perfect spot to start exploring this small but so diverse country. Don’t forget to stop at the chocolate museum to refill your energy.

2. Sri Lanka

Photo by Daniel Klein on Unsplash

Tourism in Sri Lanka is booming and there’s no doubt why. This island country located in the Indian Ocean has a lot to offer with its stunning beaches, tropical climate, jungle adventures, and not to forget the famous Ceylon tea.

Its cheap prices make a perfect spot to try surfing, elephant riding or an Ayurveda treatment which is a traditional medical system designed to heal and rejuvenate. If watersports and trekking is not your thing, you can enjoy the scenery from the comfort of a train and spend hours admiring the multiple Buddhist temples.

3. Turkey

Photo by Daniela Cuevas on Unsplash

Despite its recent history, Turkey is now a safe and cheap destination for the lovers of outdoor adventures and cultural activities. With an architecture that combine Seljuk, Ottoman, Georgian, Persian and Armenian styles and the omnipresence of ruins around the country, Turkey is the perfect destinations for history lovers.

It also has the most magical scenery and offers beaches from four different seas as the country is surrounded by water. One must-see is the hot-air balloon spectacle at sunrise over Cappadocia, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Finally, do not forget to enjoy a massage or soak in a bath in one of the many Hamams after spending time haggling in Turkey’s labyrinthine bazaars.

4. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Photo by Luka Korica on Unsplash

Bosnia and Herzegovina is surprisingly affordable for a European country. With more than five centuries of Ottoman history and Islamic heritage, this country is a stupendous mixture of Eastern and Western influences.  The scars of the 1990s Balkan War are still visible, but tourists will be awed by the human warmth and Sarajevo’s vibrant social life, where craft breweries, retro cocktail bars and cafés are central to the experience.

Bosnia and Herzegovina is best known for its unequal castles, beautiful waterfalls, and admirable ottoman architecture. If you are planning a trip, choose between April to June for the perfect weather and blooming flowers or July and August to experience the different festivals.

5. Argentina

Photo by Sasha • Stories on Unsplash

2019 is the best year to visit Argentina. Why? Unfortunately for the Argentinians, the value of the Argentinian peso has dropped dramatically, which makes things more affordable than ever for tourists. Known for its exceptional steak, high-class wine, and famous Tango, Argentina is one of the most popular countries to visit in South America.

Buenos Aires is a must stop, but there are so much more than the vibrant Capital. From the luscious vineyard in Mendoza, the natural beauty of the Iguazu Waterfalls and the Perito Moreno Glacier, Argentina is a wonderfully beautiful country with a rich history that is a must for any foodie or adventurer to visit.

6. Portugal

Photo by Vita Marija Murenaite on Unsplash

Portugal may not be as cheap as the other countries on the list, but the costs of living are definitely cheaper than other European countries which makes travelling in Portugal relatively inexpensive. Whether you are looking for a sun-soaked vacation, a trip filled with historic villages and architectural splendors or to simply enjoy fresh seafood and regional delicacies, Portugal is all of this and so much more.

Lisbon is an affordable European city to enjoy delicious local cuisine and wines. It is also another great nightlife spot with an important music scene. June a time to visit as many festivals are taking place, the temperature is getting warmer and it is just before the accommodations price increase during the high season.

7. Romania

Photo by paul mocan on Unsplash

Romania is another great European destination for someone on a tight budget as things get suddenly much more affordable as soon as you leave the Euro currency countries behind. Well known for its castles and medieval towns, the Transylvania region is famous for being the origin of Dracula. You can, of course, visit Dracula’s Castle, but also gaze at the majestic mountains, and enjoy long walks through enchanted woods.

One well-kept secret is Romania’s great nightlife, from Bucharest old town pubs to summer beach clubs. Keep in mind that some museums and attractions may be closed outside of the high season (Jun-Aug) but winter is also a great time to visit for skiing and appreciate the beauty and romanticism of the snow settling on medieval towns and its castles.

8. Egypt

Photo by Dominique

Egypt is so much more than the well-known pyramids. As tourists are definitively coming back after the turmoil following the downfall of two presidents, 2019 is the perfect year to visit the land of the Pharaohs.  A single day in Cairo, could lead you to take a stroll in historic neighborhoods appreciating the astonishing Islamic architecture, wander through Egypt’s most famous Souq Khan Al Khalili, followed by a felucca trip on the Nile while watching the sunset and finish the day enjoying a tea and shisha in one of the numerous local coffee shops.

Other than for its marvelous ruins and monuments, Egypt is also a great spot for snorkeling through the Red Sea‘s colorful coral reef and enjoying horse riding in the varied desert landscapes. The best temperature is between March and May and September and October with fewer crowds.

Of course, this list is suggesting some of the best-valued countries to visit once you get there. It doesn’t take into account the cost of flights, which could be very expensive depending on where you are located. But we also happen to know a few tricks when it comes to travel on a budget. Stay tuned for tips on how to get the best prices for flights in the next few weeks.

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