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Magma is made to bring out the best in everyone, combining the highest quality materials with the latest tech to provide athletes with superior sportswear, Magma’s sportswear is designed to keep you going. Forget body odors and the discomforts of sweat. Styled from specialized fabrics treated with Actiwick™ and Bactinix™, our anti-moisture and anti-microbial formulas, Magma meshes together a touch of fashion with cutting-edge technology, designed to draw moisture away from your body and protect you from the atmospheric bacteria that create odors. Our bespoke apparel of ultra-light fabrics and flattering styles is created to endure your toughest workouts, keeping you dry and confident as you surge. Magma is made to bring out the best in everyone – to bring out the power from within. We’ve named our brand after the indestructible force of Magma because we believe that in the same way that magma bursts from the earth’s core and flows steadily beneath its surface, we all have our own form of fiery internal magma, burning within us – a force for power that comes from deep within, waiting to be released, and keeping us going, find Magma coupon codes and apply them to save, and to save even more get Cash Back on your orders from Magma for the first time in Egypt, they even offer a Cash on Delivery payment option. And the order will be delivered to your doorstep, also make sure that: All products are 100% genuine products shipped to you directly. All prices are final prices. 

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Cash Back will be added automatically to your account within 24 hours.

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